The Most Fantastic King Hunt Of Summer 2018

Shant Sargsyan (ARM) vs Artur Davtyan (ARM) Armenian Championship 1st League 2018 round 07

A Famous Chess Puzzle Known As The "King's Grave"

Genrikh Kasparyan, "Chess In The USSR", 1937 White is winning

This Magnificent Chess Miniature Will Leave You Speechless

NN vs Paul Saladin Leonhardt Leipzig (1903) Center Game: Berger Variation (C22)

Must See! The Hottest Attack Of Summer 2018

Paravyan, David (RUS) - Golubov, Saveliy (RUS) Korchnoi Memorial 2018 round 06

Ray Robson Shocks Ben Finegold With A Brilliant Sacrifice

Ray Robson (2545) vs Benjamin Finegold (2494) Finegold - Robson Match (2011), St Louis, MO USA, rd 6, May-22 Sicilian Defense: Old Sicilian. General (B30)

The Most Fantastic Checkmate You Have Ever Seen

Arturo Reggio vs Siegbert Tarrasch Monte Carlo (1902), Monte Carlo MNC, rd 15, Feb-27 Sicilian Defense: Four Knights Variation (B40)

This Is Paul Morphy's First Recorded Queen Sacrifice

Paul Morphy vs Charles Le Carpentier New Orleans (1849), New Orleans, LA USA Chess variants (000)

A Shocking Queen Sacrifice On Move 9 In Scandinavian Defense

Imbaud vs Strumilo corr (1922) Scandinavian Defense: Modern Variation (B01)

Unbelievable! 11 Year Old Carlsen Sacrifices His Knight On Move 5

Magnus Carlsen (2163) vs Sampsa Nyysti (2242) Helsinki ShakkiNet-A 4th (2002), Helsinki FIN, rd 2, Jun-25 Four Knights Game: Gunsberg Variation (C46)

Henry Blackburne Mates Mr. L With A Pawn

Joseph Henry Blackburne vs Mr. L Ch British Chess Club, Great Britain (1886) Italian Game: Evans Gambit. Goering Attack (C51)