One Of The Most Fantastic Checkmates In Chess History

Here is a thrilling game played by Siegbert Tarrasch against Aron Nimzowitsch with an unforgettable checkmate!

Grischuk Sacrifices His Rook Against Rapport, But Alas...

A mighty attacking game played by Alexander Grischuk vs. Richard Rapport with a rook sacrifice and a dramatic finish!!!

How Good Was Wesley So At The Age Of 10?

Have you ever wondered how good was Wesley So at the age of 10? So, here is a game which will throw some light on that question!!!

Magnus Carlsen Sets Up A Very Cunning Trap Against Wesly So

Here is a very interesting blitz game played by Magnus Carlsen vs. Wesley So. On move 27 Carlsen sets up a very cunning trap. Will Wesley So take the bait?

The Rook That Chased Black Queen

Henri Rinck,"Deutsche Schachzeitung", 1903 White is winning

No World Champion Has Ever Been Checkmated In Such A Brutal Way

Here is a thrilling game played by Henry Bird vs. Wilhelm Steinitz

An Absolutely Fantastic Game By A 13 Year Old Wesley So!

Have you ever wondered how good was Wesley So at the age of 13? So, here is a masterpiece game where is literally sacrifices his whole cavalry!!!

Lu Shanglei vs Magnus Carlsen: Carlsen's King Is In Danger

A thrilling game by two talented players! Lu Shanglei vs Magnus Carlsen

Hahaha! Yes, This Is A Real Game Played By Nakamura

Have you ever seen a checkmate with six knights? Here is an entertaining game played by Crafty (Computer) and Hikaru Nakamura where the best bullet player is just having some fun!!!

The Most Aggressive Player vs. The Most Solid Player

Here is a very beautiful game played by two former world chess champions Mikhail Tal, known as the "Magician From Riga" who is famous for his aggressive style and Tigran Petrosian known as "Iron Tigran" due to his almost impenetrable defensive playing style, which emphasised safety above all else!