Mikhail Tal's Astounding Sacrifice Will Make You Say "Wow"!

Mikhail Tal vs NN England simul (1973) Sicilian Defense: Najdorf Variation. Main Line (B99)

Jan Timman Creates An Absolute Madness On The Board

Terry C Fox vs Jan Timman Islington op (1970), Islington ENG Nimzo-Indian Defense: Saemisch Variation. Accelerated (E24)

Evans Gambit In Action For The First Time Ever

Captain William Evans vs Alexander McDonnell London (England) (1829), London ENG Italian Game: Evans Gambit. Accepted (C51)

Anand Sacrifices His Pieces In The Spirit Of Tal At Tal Memorial 2018

Viswanathan Anand vs Alexander Grischuk Tal Memorial (Rapid) (2018), Moscow RUS, rd 8, Mar-04

Amazing! Mikhail Tal Goes For Anastasia's Mate

Mikhail Tal vs NN Exhibition (1975) Sicilian Defense: Kan. Modern Variation (B42)

9 Year Old Reshevsky Gives A Chess Simul! The Result?

Samuel Reshevsky vs Ladislaus von Dory Berlin simul (1920), Berlin GER, Jan-14 King's Gambit: Accepted. Cunningham Defense Bertin Gambit (C35)

Judit Polgar Goes For King's Gambit

Judit Polgar (2540) vs Annett Wagner-Michel (2250) Chess Olympiad (Women) (1990), Novi Sad YUG, rd 7, Nov-24 King's Gambit: Falkbeer Countergambit. Modern Transfer (C32)

Ahahaha! Drunk Alekhine Casltes With A Queen And A Rook

Alexander Alekhine vs Pablo de Unamuno Salamanca simul, 30b (1944), Salamanca ESP, Apr-03 French Defense: Tarrasch Variation (C03)

The Magician From Riga Creates Another Masterpiece

Mikhail Tal vs NN Enland simul (1973) Sicilian Defense: Richter-Rauzer. Neo-Modern Variation Early deviations (B62)

Paul Morphy's Blindfold Brilliancy On His 12th Birthday

Paul Morphy vs Eugene Rousseau New Orleans (1849), New Orleans, LA USA King's Gambit: Accepted. Kieseritsky Gambit Cotter Gambit (C39)