Fritz 6 Blunders Against Viswanathan Anand

Back then in 1999 chess engines weren't strong as nowadays and chess grandmasters were having some chances against those monsters. In this particular game you can see how Fritz 6 blunders against Viswanathan Anand and fails to win with an extra piece.

Absolutely Fantastic! Chiburdanidze Sacrifices Her Whole Cavalry

Here is a fantastic game played by the seventh Women's World Chess Champion Maia Chiburdanidze where she sacrifices her two knights in order to destroy Najdorf defense!!!

What A Surprise! Tal Goes For French Defense Against Fischer

Here is one of the few games where the magician from Riga Mikhail Tal went for French defense against Bobby Fisher!

Must See! That Was Epic

Here is a fantastic chess puzzle composed by a soviet chess composer Filip Semenovich Bondarenko! White is winning!

14 Year Old Wesley So Crushes French Defense With A Simple Attack

Here is a thrilling game played by a 14 year old Wesley so against Barlo A Nadera where he literally destroyed French defense with a simple attacking line.

9 Year Old Rising Star From Norway Beats FIDE Master

Here is a game played by a 9 year old Aksel Bu Kvaloy vs Benjamin Dauth, where that rising star from Norway beat FIDE master.

Levon Aronian Crushes Wesley So With A Mighty Attack

A thrilling game played by Levon Aronian against Wesley So!

Magnus Carlsen Sets Up A Trap For Wesley So

Here is a very interesting game with a dramatic finish played by two super grandmasters Magnus Carlsen and Wesley So!!!

Anand's Brilliant Sacrifice Will Definitely Find Its Place In Chess Books

Here is a short game played by Viswanathan Anand and Fabiano Caruana where Anand is sacrificing his queen in order to deflect black rook from the 8th rank!!!

Capablanca's Deflection

Here is a classical example of deflection by Cuban genius Jose Raul Capablanca!!