Mikhail Tal's Most Insane Queen Sacrifice

Mikhail Tal vs Alexander Koblents Riga (1961), Riga LAT Sicilian Defense: Najdorf Variation. Main Line (B99)

Aronian Wins Tradewise Gibraltar 2018 Wearing A Cat Print T-shirt

Aronian, Levon - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime Tradewise Gibraltar Masters 2018 round 18-tb8

Wow! Gunina Beats Nigel Short At Tradewise Gibraltar 2018

Valentina Gunina vs Nigel Short Tradewise Gibraltar (2018), Catalan Bay GIB, rd 9, Jan-31 Alekhine's Defense, Modern (B04)

One Of The Best Games Of 2017

Shevchenko, Kirill (UKR) - Nesterov, Arseniy (RUS) European Youth Grand Prix 2nd Leg 2017 round 07 C77: Ruy Lopez, Anderssen variation

How Good Was Anish Giri At The Age Of 10?

Vladimir Domnin (2252) vs Anish Giri St Petersburg White Nights op (2005), rd 4, Jun-21 King's Indian Defense: Normal Variation (E70)

Jaw Dropping Or Maybe A Mind Blowing Sacrifice

George Alcock MacDonnell vs Samuel Standidge Boden Casual (1869), London Bishop's Opening: MacDonnell Gambit. La Bourdonnais-Denker Gambit (C23)

Record Holding Game With The Earliest Stalemate Ever

Mario Sibilio (2305) vs Sergio Mariotti (2455) Ravenna (1982), Ravenna, Italy French Defense: Wing Gambit (C00)

Fabiano Caruana Sacrifices His PIeces One After Another

Fabiano Caruana (2640) vs Emanuel Berg (2623) Olympiad (2008), Dresden GER, rd 7, Nov-20

One Of The Greatest Games Ever Played!

Efim Korchmar vs Abram Borisovich Poliak ch-UKR (1937), rd 17, Jul-09 Spanish Game: Steinitz Defense (C62)

OMG! Carlsen Blunders A Piece In One, But Then...

Carlsen, Magnus (NOR) - Jones, Gawain C B (ENG) Tata Steel Masters 2018 round 08