One Of The Greatest Queen Sacrifices Ever

Fabiano Caruana (2823) vs Hikaru Nakamura (2779) London Chess Classic (2016), London ENG, rd 6, Dec-15 Sicilian Defense: Najdorf Variation (B96)

17. Nxg7! Helps Kasparov Win The 1992 Manila Olympiad Best Game Prize

Garry Kasparov (2780) vs Predrag Nikolic (2635) Chess Olympiad (1992), Manila PHI, rd 12, Jun-21 Slav Defense: Winawer Countergambit (D10)

German Chess Prodigy Surprises Boris Gelfand With A Brutal Queen Sacrifice

Vincent Keymer (2491) vs. Boris Gelfand (2701) IoM Masters | Douglas ENG | Round 8.24 | 27 Oct 2018 | ECO: D45 | 1-0

That Move! The Tricky Rook Of Mikhail Botvinnik

Mikhail Botvinnik vs Paul Keres FIDE World Championship Tournament (1948), The Hague NED, rd 10, Mar-25 Nimzo-Indian Defense: Saemisch Variation (E28)

The Recent "Craziness"! The King On d5 Survived!

Kobo, Ori (2505) vs. Artemiev, Vladislav (2706) IoM Masters | Douglas ENG | Round 2.9 | 21 Oct 2018 | ECO: A15 |

Indian Chess Master Allowed The Fork Of His Royal Family! The Reason?

Harsha, Bharathakoti (2492) vs. Sethuraman, S.P. (2673) IoM Masters | Douglas ENG | Round 2.14 | 21 Oct 2018 | ECO: E73 |

16-Year-Old Alekhine Sacrifices His Pieces One After Another!

Alexander Alekhine vs Vasily I Rozanov Moscow Club Autumn (1908), Moscow RUE, Nov-04 Owen Defense: General (B00)

Alexey Shirov's Epic Sacrifice In Razor Sharp Najdorf Variation

Alexey Shirov vs Wang Hao Russian Team Championship (2009), Dagomys, rd 2, Apr-05 Sicilian Defense: Najdorf Variation. Poisoned Pawn Accepted (B97)

Must See! The Cocky King And The Imprisoned Queen

Michelet vs Lionel Adalbert Kieseritzky Paris m/1 (1845) King's Gambit: Accepted. Salvio Gambit Cochrane Gambit (C37)

Carlsen Wanted To Troll His Opponent, But Got Surprised! The Reason?

Magnus Carlsen vs Alexey Dreev Pro Chess League (2018) (rapid), INT, rd 7, Feb-24 Amar Opening: General (E00)