What are your roots?

Did you know that just having a look at your feet you can find out a lot about your roots?



The Egyptian Footers are born leaders. They are dominating yet can be very emotional and sensitive. They have their confirmed belief "Actions speak louder than words...".


The Germanic footers are very impulsive in nature, a super ability to convince others into agreeing or disagreeing to situations.  They are very sharp and shrewd in terms of work.



The longer your second toe, the more leadership qualities you have, you always play the game with your rules. In addition to all these you are bossy, with a practical approach in business and have a great sense of humour.



The Roman Footer are very dynamic are resourceful, but your desire to get things done, "my way or no way" can tip over into bossiness. You are a super multi-tasker, use your charm to persuade people to go along with your ideas.



The Greek Footers are very methodical & precise. You're interested in detail and ensure that you always finish what you start. You are a very balanced person.

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