Tal Sacrifices 3 Pieces And Checkmates On Move 16

Mikhail Tal vs Salnikov Latvia (1970) French Defense: Tarrasch. Closed Variation (C05) 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nd2 Nf6 4. e5 Nfd7 5. Bd3 c5 6. c3 Nc6 7. Ngf3 cxd4 8. cxd4 f6 9. Ng5 fxg5 10. Qh5+ g6 11. Bxg6+ hxg6 12. Qxg6+ Ke7 13. Nc4 Bh6 14. Bxg5+ Bxg5 15. Qg7+ Ke8 16. Nd6# 1-0

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