Reveal A Girl's Personality By The Shape Of Her Buttocks

Did you know that a girl's personality can be revealed just having a look at her buttocks?


Every butt is both unique and special and it is said that no two butts are exactly alike. However there are a lot of similarities among butts and they are being categorized into three major groups (see the photo below). What is more astounding is that a person's character can be revealed by the way her butt looks like.

Round Butt

Although this kind of a butt looks very attractive,  however such type of boots can be seen less frequently than the "A " shape. “The round shaped butt is the one that’s more talked about," says Dr. Svehlak. "This is the shape that certain celebrities have that you see all over magazines.” Women with round butts are sexually active, materialistic and unkind. Most commmonly they are wearing tight pants which makes them look more tempting!


Heart Shaped

The heart- or A-shaped butt is typically considered the prettiest and most desirable shape. According to  plastic surgeon Steven Svehlak, MD from Los Angeles,  this is  the most sexiest and feminine type”.   Because of the smaller waist and bigger hips, it comes closest to the universally ideal waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7. “Using a combination of liposuction around the frame of the buttocks and fat transfer to the buttocks, we can create a heart shape. Such girls are always happy especially when it comes to their personal life.


Inverted “V"

This is widely considered the least attractive butt shape, which gets its look from the presence of more fat in the waist and outer thighs. This is also the most challenging shape from a surgical perspective. “Those with a v-shaped butt have few options since they are not good candidates for fat transfer,” says Dr. Yamini. "They simply have too little or too tight buttocks skin and tissue to accept fat transfer, or much reshaping." Girls with such butts are conscientious of nearly every aspect of their lives and they always have something interesting to speak about.

And don't forget that women with big butts are smarter and resistent to chronic illnesses than those with little ones!

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